Quilts + War On Drugs

Quilts + The War on Drugs @ Koko, 27/05/14

Last night I had the pleasure of photographing The War on Drugs.  Man, I wish Adam Granduciel and I were best friends. In his cool denim jacket, with his deliciously nonchalant shoulder length hair we would talk about his comparisons to Dylan and Springsteen, we would joke about (and then make a reality) letting me be their tour photographer and then we would dance through fields of poppies in the blazing sunlight.

At the moment that remains a wicked fantasy. What’s not is how ridiculously good The War on Drugs are.  Music sources the world over have been collectively swooning over their latest release entitled Lost In The Dream, and rightly so. Played in large chunks last night it grew into a beautiful behemoth, a seamless tapestry of psychedelic riffs and profoundly heartfelt vocals. In a two hour set Koko was swept up in a technicolor whirlwind of emotion where the world seemed perfect and alive – just like a dream.

If you’ve never heard of The War on Drugs I wish I was you listening to them for the first time because when you do you’ll never stop and when you do you’ll wish Adam was your best friend too.